Central Alberta Residence Society


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   Our dream for the future   

The Vision;

Through personal growth and greater self-esteem, we will take charge of our own lives as citizens in our community.

The Mission;

We will do new things, learn new things, and feel good about who we are. We will take charge of our lives and be full citizens in our community.


   The Reason for LA Council    

The Purpose;

The Leadership and Advisory Council's purpose is to help build the best quality of life for people with disabilities.

We do this by giving individuals:

  • The help and support they need

  • Opportunities to learn and/or do something new

When we do these two things;

  • Individuals build confidence

  • Individuals understand and believe that we all have something valuable to give or do as a contributing citizen within our communities


    About Us    

(Who we are)

People who get services from Central Alberta Residence Society (CARS) are automatically general members of the Leadership and Advisory Council, and may choose how much, or how little, they would like to be involved.


   Goals & Planning   

(Service Agreements and ISP's)

Members should include the things they want to do through the Leadership and Advisory Council in their ISP (Individual Service Plan) and Service Agreement. This will help to make sure members are given the opportunities and the support they need to build and work towards their goals.

Members can invite the Coordinator and/or Facilitator of Inclusive Supports to attend their annual ISP meetings.

   What We Do   

Members of LA Council are given opportunities to discover, build, and grow their skills in all areas of life.

We do this by using their meetings, classes, and workshops as an opportunity to work on: